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Colour Key

The colour of the text is mostly coded according to the language used: AboriginalEnglishEsperantoFrenchLatin and scientificMelanesianMaori and other Polynesian. However, where a word has been thoroughly assimilated into English, it appears as an English word.

This dictionary is a work in progress. We still need more illustrations. Readers are welcome to submit suitable small digital images for things such as animals and plants in jpeg format. To advise us of any typographical errors or to suggest additions and alterations and images please contact us.

About this Dictionary (the fourth edition) 
Glossary of neologisms 
Key to Abbreviations and Symbols 

The words in the main listing are arranged alphabetically in sections, one for each letter (except X for which there are no entries). Click on one of the letters to go to that section: